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Shipping Information


Puppies are shipped via American airlines. We charge the actual airline shipping fee which includes live arrival guarantee insurance plus $150.00  for an airline approved shipping crate and $75.00 for a  veterinarian health certificate.


We ship via Express Mail for $79.00 in an USPS approved shipping container. We can also ship via United Airlines for same day service for $200.00 including crate.


Puppy Contract and Health Guarantee

We are proud of each and every puppy that is born here are Largh Pah Retreat. We have a 1 Year health guarantee on each puppy and are here for you for the lifetime of your newly adopted family member. When you bring one of our puppies into your family you "adopt us as well"! If you are interested in seeing a copy of our Puppy Contract please send me an email via our Contacts Page. Slainte'


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