Paws &


Miniature Longhair Dachshunds

Meet our family of Dachshunds!  The strawberry blonde Diva Ch.Slymar's Summer Breeze (aka Breezy) , Largh Pah Ozo's Manmar Wild At Heart (aka Izzy) of course she's a redhead, another cream beauty Largh Pah Melady's Soileire De Intinn (aka Claire) and last but certainly not least our cream boy "Little Jake" more formally known as Largh Pah Dredach's N Aubrays Forbidden Lines. Now if you are to notice a certain very large and hairy cream dog that you KNOW isn't a dachshund although she thinks she is, meet our resident Irish Wolfhound Largh Pah Caoileann "Third Times a Charm". Watch the slide show to see our "fur kids"! Slainte'


Parisian Frill Canaries

I saw my first Parisian Frill Canary in an encyclopedia and I am sure you can estimate a guess at how long ago that was. I was thrilled and enchanted by their beauty and unusual feathering. I have raised and bred them for over 10 years now, not in large quantities but in an atmosphere that I can relax and enjoy each and every one of my pampered feathered friends. On occasion I have them for sale and the colors I have are White, Blue, Yellow and combinations thereof. If you are interested in my birds please use the "Contacts" page and send me an email and I can place you on my "waiting list". I am currently sold out for 2016. Slainte'