Irish Wolfhounds

Irish WolfHounds of "Largh Pah "

Irish Wolfhounds have been a part of our family for nearly 15 years. These gentle giants are athletic, intelligent and eager to please. We spent many years hosting the Irish Breeds exhibit at the Louisville Irish Fest and the wolfhounds were always the biggest attraction.


Our girl Brigid, auditioned for and won the hound part of the Louisville Operas's performance of Lucia de L'amour. She was also a wolfhound who truly loved the agility course.

Wolfhound puppy litters were both challenging and rewarding. Having up to 10 puppies in a litter made the first two weeks a 24/7 job. But the little wolfhounds learned the routine quickly and before we knew it, were on their way to their new homes. We keep in touch with many of our pups as they've grown over the years.


Dahmrak's Pheolan was our first AKC Grand Champion. He finished best of breed in nearly every show he was in.


Today, we and the dachshunds share our home with Caioleann and Brendhan who turned one-year old in September 2017 and is still very much the puppy - albeit a large puppy.